In the end of May


May really means a lot for me.
May brings me to Paris Van Java. A very beautiful town.
May brings me chance to experience many lessons.
May brings me luck so I can win so many giveaways.
May grants my long prayer, so I can find my job.
May brings so many happiness to me.

Thank you for bring me happiness, May. Like what I wished in the beginning of the month. I never imagined I would write like this. I never imagined I would be very grateful like now.

Thank you ya Allah.
Now  I am ready for June.
Bring me another luck, pleaseeee! 😉



Bingung mau mulai nulis dari mana.
Bingung mau mulai cerita dari mana.


I just felt worthless.

Trip to Paris Van Java

“Alhamdulillaaaaaah”  was the first word came out from my mouth after landing safely in Soekarno Hatta Airport. It would be a very amazing adventure in my life so far. I can’t talk too long right now because I have a very tight schedule here. Tell you later yaaa..
Cheers, May